55th Reunion Details (e mails)



Infomation from our April 11th e mail concerning requirements for the 55th reunion

Fellow Classmates

As pointed out in our March 7th correspondence concerning our 55th reunion for the SHC class of 63, keeping you informed on the reunion team effort is a priority.  

All of you should know that PaPa J’s restaurant in Carnegie, Pa. (the previous location for our reunion) was severely damaged March 2nd from a fire, and is closed indefinitely.  We found a suitable replacement quickly, and I am happy to report we stayed on schedule because of the hard work and dedication of our committee members.

Dan Pegher was our class representative in Pittsburgh, and negotiated with the replacement restaurant.  As a result of his efforts, we have an outstanding package which keeps costs low for both evenings---- far exceeding expectations.  Thank you Dan!!!

The new location is:     Gaetano’s Event Center

                                      1617 Banksville Rd

                                       Pittsburgh Pa. 15216

                                       Phone 412-343-6640


Friday:      September 14 with sign in from 5:00 PM-5:45 PM**

                  Food available--- 6:00 PM

                  Cash bar----yes

Friday evening’s stag affair is intended for everyone to catch up with classmates and old friends.  


Saturday: September 15 with sign in from 5:00 PM-5:45 PM**

                  Cocktail hour:   5:45 PM-6:45PM

                  Dinner begins:  7:00 PM

                  Cash bar-----yes

Saturday is not a couple’s only event. All classmates with or without guests are welcomed.

**Immediately after sign in a group picture will be taken


Men: Business casual for both nights: sports shirt, sweater, pants, slacks:  NO suits or sport coats.

Ladies: Business casual: pants, slacks, blouse, sweater, skirt or dress:  NO jeans or shorts.

Friday evening menu



Pasta marinara

Italian sausage

Cost $27

Saturday evening menu: Buffet

Sliced New York strip steak

English scrod

chicken piccata

penne pasta marinara

cheese cake desert

assorted appetizers before dinner:  fried calamari, meatballs

Cost $50

Note: Beverages included are coffee, tea, iced tea, and soda (pop)

As you can see, attending Friday evening and bringing a guest on Saturday night will cost you $127…this is $33 less than the cost of the 50th reunion.

If you attend both nights and without a guest on Saturday night, your costs will be $77

Parking:   Large parking area.  Parking should not be a problem.

Payment:  Your check should be made out to Frank Aiello and sent to:
                   Mr. Frank Aiello

                   610 Turnberry Lane

                   Oakdale Pa. 15071

e mail: faiello@visionbp.com                                                           

cell: 412-427-1166

The excitement and continued high volume of interest displayed for our 55th reunion is nothing short of phenomenal.  We are projecting over 70 classmates to attend on Friday evening and over 90 people for Saturday evening.   We anticipate attendance may grow as we approach the actual reunion dates.

Steve Griffin is working on the entertainment package and music selection for both evenings.  Jerry Miller will be our MC for both evenings.  

Please send your check made out to Frank Aiello no later than July 25th.  Sending you checks before the deadline will be appreciated.  

 We will continue to keep you informed on reunion plans as we approach September.

In our next published e mail, we will provide a list of classmates who signed up for Friday only, or both Friday and Saturday.   

Please refer questions to either of the undersigned.

Jim Savena     cell 661-406-9651 jimsavena@yahoo.com
Henry Canello cell 614-312-9159 hc664@yahoo.com



Information from our 23 May 2018 letter

Fellow classmates
112 days to go as of May 24th!!!
That number reflects the days remaining until we have our 55th reunion celebration on September 14 and 15th. Our team continues to work on the details for both evenings.  If you have not done so, please reread our 11 April e mail. It has valuable information about the reunion.  We understand some of you didn't receive the April communication, so it was resent thru our web site and posted. 
Listed below are the items we recently completed:
  • Signed the contract with Gaetano's Event Center for September 14th and 15th
  • Finalized the menus for both evenings. 
  • Established an account for depositing checks so they are secure.  A few checks have been received, but we hope to see more  in the coming weeks. The deadline is July 25th, but we would appreciate your checks now.    
Costs for both evenings are provided for your convenience.
Friday night : Cost is $27.00
Saturday night: If coming solo the cost is $ 50.00.
Coming solo Friday night and attending Saturday night with a guest will cost $127.00
Coming solo Friday night and attending Saturday night without a guest will cost 77.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Checks should be made payable to Frank Aiello
During early August, we will publish a complete list of attendees.   We are encouraging classmates who initially indicated they may not attend the reunion to reconsider their decision.  The 50th reunion along with the consecutive annual dinners attended by many have made our class very close.   We are the only graduating class to assemble annually.   As a result, we have strengthened our friendships and built a camaraderie that continues to grow. 
If you have any questions, please contact one of us listed below!
jimsavena@yahoo.com   661-406-9651