55 reunion Class 63 13/08/18

Fellow classmates (32 days until the 55th reunion),

The 55th reunion for the class of 63 is fast approaching and as summer flies by, the reunion committee continues making final arrangements for both evenings.  The response from the class of 63 has been tremendous. 
As promised, a list of attendees is now available on the class of 63 website. Please go to  the home page, click on the 55th reunion located on the top banner, and then click on attendees.  You do not have to formally log in. Please note, we have only listed those who have sent their checks to Frank Aiello.   We will update the attendees page  as checks are received. Checks will be accepted up to the restaurant cutoff date(still in the discussion phase). Checks received after that date will be handled on a case by case basis.    If you haven’t sent your check, now is the time to do it.  There are four classmates in this category.  
Helpful info:
The reunion is scheduled for September 14th and 15th at:
                                      Gaetano’s Event Center
                                      1617 Banksville Rd
                                       Pittsburgh Pa. 15216
                                       Phone 412-343-6640
On stag night Friday September 14th, we will follow this schedule:
Check-in : 5 pm thru 530 pm.   We will have numerous people manning the tables to expedite the process. 
Cash bar:  545 until 30 minutes before closure
Group picture:  Immediately after check-in 
Buffet: heavy hor d'oeuvres.  Available after the group picture.
Friday’s format provides all of us a great opportunity to renew acquaintances and catch-up with old friends.  
There will be no pre-assigned seats.
Steve Griffin will help us reminisce with great music selected personally by him. 
Festivities on Saturday  September 15th, will begin at 5:15(note this is a change). Attendees will have the opportunity to check-in, obtain refreshments, pose for pictures, select a table and continue to catch up with friends. There will be no pre-assigned seats.   
We will follow this schedule: 
Check in begins 5:15 pm**
Cocktail hour:   530PM-6:30PM
Dinner begins:  6:30 PM
Cash bar-----yes
**Immediately after sign in, a group picture will be taken
Attire: Note:  This is general guidance and not intended as a mandate.  
Men: Business casual for both nights: sports shirt, sweater, pants, slacks:  NO suits or sport coats.
Ladies: Business casual: pants, slacks, blouse, sweater, skirt or dress:  NO jeans or shorts.
Friday evening menu: Buffet
Pasta marinara
Italian sausage
Saturday evening menu: Buffet
Sliced New York strip steak
English scrod
chicken piccata
penne pasta marinara
cheese cake desert
assorted appetizers before dinner:  fried calamari, meatballs
Note: Beverages included are coffee, tea, iced tea, and soda (pop) 
Steve Griffin will also be providing entertainment for this evening.
We look forward to seeing everybody.
Updates will be provided as needed through September 7th.  
If there any questions please contact either Jim Savena 661-406-9651 or Henry Canello 614-312-9159
Thank you
Jim Savena
Hank Canello