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•   Myrl Brut *  10/9
•   James Raimar  10/4
•   Leo Sokolowski  9/24
•   Charles McCloskey  9/7
•   Marshall B Scott  6/22
•   James Boggs (Boggs)  6/16
•   Dan Briner  5/8
•   James Savena  9/30
•   Al Loper  7/27
•   Mike Murphy  10/3
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 75.2%

A:   121   Joined
B:   40   Not Joined

55th Reunion Update


We contacted 135 classmates either by email or telephone concerning their interest in attending a 55th high school reunion in either Aug or Sept 2018. Volunteers, serving as reunion committee members, are collecting your input.  We are using the 50th reunion model as our planning document for the 55th.


The survey was structured to determine your interest in a Friday “stag" night for our class, and a dinner the following evening (couple’s and solo as appropriate).  We appreciate those of you who have taken the time to fill out and return the survey, and those who have returned our telephone calls to provide your comments.


The reunion team is working very hard to make this next reunion a success, and to do that means getting timely responses to our questions.  Our original deadline was September 10th, but as of October 5, 2017, there are 22 classmates who have not provided their input. In addition, we did have problems reaching some of you because the web page had an out of date phone number or e mail address.   We have these problems resolved and wanted you to know why the survey results have not been published.


Once we obtain the last of the survey responses, the committee will continue the planning process which includes setting a date, and finding an appropriate location in the Pittsburgh area.


You can expect additional updates as we finalize the numbers, select a location and determine what the cost will be. If you have not yet responded, please take a moment and provide us with your input.


The 50th reunion and the annual dinners that have followed have given all of us a chance to renew old friendships and see who has lost the most hair.


We will be in touch


Jim Savena

Henry Canello


Welcome to the South Hills Catholic High Class Of 1963 web site. Do you remember the Chapel window?


The Chapel window at South Catholic

















Don't forget that we still need photos from you!  We will be posting photos on the website, as well as using them in our Memory Book so please be sure to get us those photos etc.  





 myspace graphic comments


Please ensure to keep your profile information updated, especially your email address.      

This website will be a way to reach you with regards to reunion planning.

Thank you!









South Hills Catholic Alma Mater


For the fame of South Hills Catholic,

For the school we love.

Join our hands and hearts together,

Raise our flag above.

May it wave and tell our story

May it be the standard of our glory.

If we lose or win a victory,

Cheer the green and gold.


The Alma Mater is our school's official song.  Most  reunions begin with everyone singing the Alma Mater.  Once the sheet music is rounded up and the music starts playing; we must be ready.  

Note: Alma Mater from Latin, meaning “nurturing mother.”



Coat of Arms



Our school's Coat of Arms is displayed  on the wall near the entrance to the auditorium.  The motto, Servio in Envagelio is mentioned more than once in the writings of St. Paul and means “I serve [minister] in the Gospel”.  It was also the episcopal motto of John Francis Dearden, the Bishop of Pittsburgh from 1950 to 1958 during the years South Hills Catholic High School materialized.



Contact a Classmate

  If you want to contact a classmate, go to Classmate Profiles on menu bar. Find the classmates name and click on it. At the bottom of their profile is a choice of, send a private message or leave a comment. If you choose, send them a message, no one else sees it but them.


Honor the Memory of Our Classmate


 Please take a few minutes to visit the IN MEMORY page.  Honor the memories of our classmates, who are no longer with us, by adding your thoughts or personal stories under the obituaries of the people you knew.  If you are aware of the deceased military service please contact us.


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