Fellow classmates

42 classmates paid to attend our SHC Class of 63 August 24th 2019  annual dinner, and  are identified below. This is a fantastic response, and as we anticipated, additional classmates were added to the list as we approached the restaurant deadline.  Eleven states were represented at this dinner (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Maryland,  Missouri, California, Iowa, Florida, Arizona, and North Caralina),

Special appreciation and kudos are extended to our first time attendees who experienced the camaraderie and chemistry that continues to grow with their fellow classmates.

This web page is your source for current infomation, so check it often as we update infomation when received.
Please keep your phones, mailing and-e mail address up to date on our web page. It is important so our team can communicate with you. We had a difficult time locating some classmates because of an out of date phone number or address. We ask all of you to help us keep the data base current.  If you have not reviewed your personal information on our web page, this would be a good time to log in and get it done, especially if you have not logged in over a year. 

Paid to attend the dinner:


Frank Aiello

Don Black

Bill Bluemle

Bill Bowman (first time attendee)

Jack Brennan


Myrl Brut

Hank Canello

Dan Conway

Dave Cusick (first time attendee)

Dan DiPardo


Jim Dunn

Dave Fisher

Bob Gianni

Bill Harris

Jack Helbling


Dan Kail

Casey Kelly

Tom Lorenze

Jay Loughren

Chuck McCloskey


Kevin McGrath

Bob McGrail

Jerry Miller

Pat Monahan

Bob Mould  (First time attendee)


Terry Mulvihill

Cliff O’Hara

Al O’Neil

Dan Pegher

Jim Rebel


John Rech

Gene Rees

Jerry Richards

Jim Savena

Joe Schratz


Leo Sokolowski First time attendee)

Adrian Stout

Bob Theobald (First time attendee)

Jim Tippmann

Frank Tripodi


Bill Welch

Ed Carey (Brother William)